Yellow Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly

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Butterflies are gentle, harmless creatures that are loved by all because of the smoothness and delicateness of their sway. This product has five special canvas frames with distinct size dimensions; they come together to form a hard-to-not-love image of a yellow butterfly set to glide and float on the air. The Yellow Butterfly canvas set is specially crafted, made from the best of materials and designed by experienced professionals, this is evident it the sophistication of its construct is assuredly long lasting and the simplicity, yet undeniable elegance of its design. This product will immediately add to your living space, a profound touch of style, fashion, class, and warmth. The mood of your ambience will be lifted that of peace and serenity.


  • The Yellow Butterfly is a canvas set, having five rectangular pieces bearing together an image of a yellow butterfly, set to fly.
  • This product is available in four distinct sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Huge.
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  • Frame included, ready to hang on your wall!